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Cardiff Martial Arts Testimonials

I've been to other clubs but this one is different - no one judged me and everyone was encoraging and helpful.  It's a lovely atmosphere.


I feel more at home after 18 months with Cardiff Martial Arts than I do at another club which I’ve been going to for 10 years. This club is different to other martial arts clubs in that you don't have to kick palm trees with your shins, break blocks of ice with your forehead or do pushups on your knuckles, you push yourself as hard as you want to push yourself and progress as fast as you want to progress. Mr McCabe doesn’t make “fighters” he makes Martial Artists.


My son and I have been regulars with CMA for just over 2 years and can honestly say we have enjoyed every session. Each class is different and always leaves me feeling like I have had a seriously good workout whether it be through fitness training, a focus on technique or sparring. Everyone who attends is made to feel very welcome and it is a fun place to train and get to know people. In short, a great club, great for fitness and full of great people! A fantastic job Sir - well done!

Steve & Will

My daughter has been coming since she was 4 and loves it. It's given her focus, discipline and strength, within a supportive environment and done wonders for her confidence.


My two sons, 7 and 5, joined Little Dragons over a year ago, and I am amazed at how much they have progressed and developed in that short time.

My reason for putting them in taekwondo was to teach them how to protect themselves but also to respect others and to learn self-control. This class has exceeded my expectations.

The boys have thoroughly enjoyed their classes as Mr McCabe teaches in a fun and engaging way and combines learning the basic skills of taekwondo with fun activities. Both boys are eager to learn and look forward to their lesson every week.

My eldest boy has recently moved to the junior class where the lessons are a bit more advanced and I have noticed a change in him already, as his determination to do well keeps him focused on learning new skills. 

Both boys have made some good friends in class and they look forward to each lesson.  My youngest son is eager to start and I will be signing him up as soon as he turns 4.


My son Matthew is in his third year of TKD with Cardiff Martial Arts. His steady progress over that time reflects the excellent framework of training provided by his tutors. The mixture of discipline, motivation and reward has impressed us as parents.

We look upon his training as an investment which gives him a solid foundation in an internationally-respected martial art and a quiet self-confidence that is an essential life skill.
On a personal note, we have found the tutors to be consistently professional, knowledgeable (with a light touch when necessary!) and well-organised. Cardiff Martial Arts is a very well-run outfit.

I have been studying Martial Arts for more than 18 years and both my Son and I were looking for a club which offered a family friendly environment.  We have been students for more and 4 years and we thoroughly enjoy each lesson. 

The instructors make learning fun whilst encompassing discipline through physical activity which instills self belief and teaches you to focus. 

I would recommend Cardiff Martial Arts to all because as an instructor myself, I have been really impressed with Mr McCabe's expertise, professionalism and his dedication to share his knowledge through his teachings of Martial Arts.


Cardiff Martial Arts have given me confidence to give anything a go and also to respect others.


Since joining Cardiff Martial Arts some months ago, my two five year old twin boys have come on in leaps and bounds.  It has helped teach them discipline and given them more confidence overall, but most of all they love it. Thank you!


I love kickboxing training! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. There is a great atmosphere and energy to the class, which is inclusive to beginners and advanced members. Each week we do something completely different, from techniques to fitness. It's great fun, challenging and an hour well spent!


Little Dragons has been amazing for our son, Gabriel – it’s really helping him with his confidence and he loves having a new skill.

It’s given him a sense of pride in what he does and he’s always practicing because he understands the concept of “practice makes perfect”. We’ve found as well that the Little Dragons teaching style, builds on our own parenting framework of respect for himself and for others and I can’t recommend highly enough the positive impact that the training is having. The fact that even the little ones are rewarded with basic gradings, gives them something to aspire to and makes them feel great when they achieve their new belts.

Keep up the good work!

Hayley & Nathan

CMA's junior class is fantastic for Cameron. It teaches discipline and respect whilst giving Cameron a new skill and helping him to stay fit and active. It's a winner all round! 


Mr McCabe has created a safe nurturing environment for both children and adults and whole families to grow and achieve at their own pace. The club promotes responsibility,respect and focus whilst generating a current of playful and  infectious fun throughout many of the sessions.  Despite my personal progress being slow and sporadic (because of personal circumstances) this constant has injected positivity and a feeling of belonging to me and my son for the past three years. Diolch o galon syr (Thanks a million sir!)


The development in my children's fitness and self -discipline since they started taekwondo last year has been dramatic. Cardiff Martial Arts has not only taught them a martial art in the most professional and welcoming environment, but they have found a discipline that they can study for the rest of their lives and have made real friends in the process.

The club has a strong family atmosphere with many parents and children learning together, and we feel very lucky to be part of this family. Ps. We had one of our favourite holidays ever at this year's summer camp!


I cannot praise Mr McCabe and the team enough; My son joined the class about 4 months ago and the discipline has helped him enormously.  Friends have even remarked that he is a "changed child."

More importantly he thoroughly enjoys every minute


The children started at the beginning ten years nearly to the day,
Then they added their parent along the way.
Through commitment and passion, with competitions too,
a dedicated instructor, always taught them what to do.
So thanks Cardiff Martial Arts for all that you have done,
and here's to the next ten years of hard work and fun....

Nicole (the poet)

Having been a member of the club for just 4 months, I already have complete confidence in the ability of Mr McCabe and the other higher grade students to coach me through both classes and grading. The CMA group are both welcoming and supportive at all levels, and there is a strong emphasis on team work and independent study to progress.

There are also a number of social activities to ensure that members can get to know their peers, build trust and become a more active presence in the group. Everyone at the club has their own part to play in the development of all members (whether they realise it or not).

I couldn’t be happier in discovering the club and the people who are already a part of the CMA family! For anyone with an interest in developing a martial art with CMA, it is well worth considering as it is both a fun and exciting journey... but expect to be challenged!


I'd like to say that I love being a part of such an amazing club, everyone is so friendly and it's more like a family.  My confidence and fitness has soared since I started kickboxing and during the week I cannot wait for the days I get to train!
I highly recommend coming to Cardiff Martial Arts...its the best thing I ever did!!


Our two children joined Cardiff Martial Arts almost 3 years ago and in that time they have learned so much ..not just about Taekwon Do but also important morals and life skills. They have grown in confidence and made some great friends ..we are so pleased that they are part of such a fantastic well run team! 


My youngest grandsons Kian, 7, and Noah, 6, joined Mr McCabe's Little Dragons in the spring.  The boys have learned so much in such a short time, they love learning different moves and disciplines each week.
They are taught in a way which is exactly the right balance of exercise, physical training and fun.
Mr McCabe (Sir) and Miss Moore (Ma'am) expect them to pay attention, keep still and be quiet during training time. This is a great backup for parents (and grandparents) to encourage respect for others, young and old, at school and at home but especially to have confidence in themselves.
Without Little Dragons Noah would still have very little coordination and Kian would still be the shy boy who spoke in whispers. On top of all this they are as fit as fiddles. 
Well done Sir and Maam!
From Ros (Nanny) and Shirley (Aunty)

Every day I leave Tae Kwon Do class with a big smile on my face, Cardiff Martial Arts has been a wonderful 11-months experience to me, and Mr. McCabe and his team offer a true sense of belonging and treat each other like a family. I am lucky to have such a wonderful family!


Very professional, excellent tuition. It has helped my little boy to become more confident and he really enjoys attending every week. Thank you.


Our son Jack really enjoys Taekwon-do. It has developed his confidence and social skills as well as helping him keep fit. Mr McCabe is an excellent teacher who teaches the children life skills in addition to their martial art.

As parents we wouldn't hesitate in recommending Cardiff Martial Arts.

Jack's Mum and Dad 

If anyone had told me a year ago that I would be actively participating in any form of martial arts, I would have said they were joking - Taekwon-do and Kickboxing were surely the preserve of testosterone-filled 18 year olds rather than family men in their 40s.

My preconceptions could not have been further from the truth. Both I and my 3 children could not have been made more welcome by everyone at the club, and now no week would now be complete without our regular 'fix'.

Mr McCabe and his team have ensured that we are all constantly challenged and have benefited both in terms of overall fitness and confidence. I would recommend giving it a go to anyone.


My 5 year old son loves his Taekwon-do lessons with Cardiff Martial Arts and looks forward to them every week.

Each lesson is well organised, with a mix of learning and play – it's a great way to promote self-confidence and respect for others.


My son has gained confidence, learned self discipline and has made new friends.  Cardiff Martial Arts is an excellent club with sessions run by highly skilled instructors that know the children and their strengths well.


Our two daughters have been members for a few years now. They both love the classes and are so dedicated to progressing and achieving in their gradings. Kevin and all the team are fantastic.


As both a student and a parent of a student of Cardiff Martial Arts Taekwon-do, I feel very fortunate to have found this club.

Originally I was looking for a generic martial arts class for my daughter, she had some confidence issues and I didn't want her to lead an idle life but to get involved in an activity outside of school.

The children's Taekwon-do classes are varied and engaging. As well as traditional Taekwon-do fundamentals, classes include general fitness and confidence building such as dealing with bullies and acceptable social behaviour. My Daughter's confidence is no longer a concern and she cannot wait for class to see her friends and Sir! She attends twice a week with the option of a third class which she often takes.

I find the adult classes are varied with each appearing to have a specific emphasis such as kicking techniques, patterns or set sparring - but not knowing what until class! Each class is individually challenging. Motivation not only comes from the Instructor but from fellow students. The Instructor and I quickly got an idea of my limits, which are continually yet healthily pushed.

Before my first lesson I had the common anxiety of being the inflexible, uncoordinated 'new guy', however I was pleasantly surprised of the welcome I received. Higher ranks are eager to give support as well as tips and advice in everything from sparring, patterns and even breathing correctly!

Both my daughter and I are very happy to be part of such a warm, encouraging and welcoming club.


I have been delighted with the classes provided by Cardiff Martial Arts. My son started at the age of 4 in Little Dragons, which provided an excellent foundation before moving into the junior TKD class.

I'm particuarly impressed by the emphasis on controlling mind and body and helping children understand the strength they have but also how to use it in a positive way. Keep up the excellent work!