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Spring/Summer 2016

The year races along as ever!

We've had a beach training day at Merthyr Mawr, several competitions, gradings and social events - just a normal year for our busy group!

Summer Camp is fast aproaching ( as are the World Taekwon-do Championships ( so it's going to be a busy summer.

Our newest classes in Cathays and Pontprennau have started well, with Mr Peake bringing more new members into our fold in the Little Dragons class at Cathays Community Centre as well as lots of Kickboxers.  Meanwhile at Pontprennau Primary School, Miss Moore and Mr Yearling are coaching Little Dragons, Juniors and our Family Kickboxing class - this is something we've often been asked about, namely, parents and children training together in an activity.  So if you want to enjoy martial arts with your little one (minimum age 7), drop us a line.

Enjoy your training, and good luck to all our teenagers in their exams over the coming weeks.

December 2015 News

It's been a very busy year!

We had a superb 10th anniversary celebration in September, we had students attending the European Taekwon-do Championships in July along with other members from UKITF (  We've had many successes at colour belt and black belt gradings.  It's been great!

We have also continued our class expansion to meet the demand of the community.  Lisvane classes continue to grow under Mr Draper's guidance and members from that group have medalled several times in competititons this year.

Our newest grooup is in Cathays Community Centre and is run by Mr Peake.  After just a few months, the Kickboxing class is booming and Mr Peake is planning further classes in 2016, indeed, the Little Dragons will be the first addition. What this space for a start date:

We are sometimes asked about a 'family' class in which children and adults can train together.  Well, in February we will launch our first Family Kickboxing Class. It will run at Pontprennau Primary School, on Wednesdays 6-7pm.

Exciting times indeed!

Autumn News

As we approach the last couple of months of the year, we are still training hard towards the UKITF British Championships to be held in Crawley on the 25th October (  This is a premier Taekwon-do event to include many entrants from other European countires.  Later, we'll have an interclub championships with SWMA in Sherborne, Dorset and finally the year will end with a colour belt grading in December as well as our annual Christmas party at Hollywood Bowl (

We will shortly be ordering club hoodies too - this year with our special 10th anniversary logo!

Finally, we are especially proud to celebrate the 4 new black belt degree grades who tested recently with Grand Master Nicholls in Bristol.  They are Laura Fiteni (2nd degree), Tim Banks (1st degree), David McDonald (1st degree) and Iwan James (1st degree).

Well done guys!

Summer at Cardiff Martial Arts

It's nearly school holidays at Meadowlane Primary School, as well as all the other schools in which Cardiff Martial Arts's students attend.  But never fear, we'll be running our classes as normal with the exception of Thursday 31st July at Channel View Leisure Centre - as you know, it's Summer Camp that from that day until 4th August, and around 50 students from our classes will be attending, therefore the usual class in Grangetown is cancelled.

And talking about summer camp, it looks like it's going to be the biggest yet with 150 participants from 7 martial arts schools.  It's a great value long weeks from Thursday 31st July - Sunday 3rd August, with the option to stay until Monday 4th.  We'll be training on Weymouth beach each morning and again on the field in the late afternoon.  Everyone who has ever attended has always wanted to come back the following year! Check out our facebook page and also the summer camp page to see what's going on that week.

Finally, the ITF Taekwon-do World Championships are taking place in Rome from 23rd-27th July.  We'll be updating the facebook page with Mr McCabe's competition results as we get them!

Have a great summer, and we hope to see you at least some of the time!

Health & Wellbeing Month

We were very priviileged to be invited to Ysgol Mynydd Bychan on Friday 20th June to run Taekwon-do classes for years 1 to 6.  The school is running a whole month of sporting activities to promote activity and sport amongst their students, culminating in their annual sports day to be held at NIAC on the Cardiff Met campass in Cyncoed.

Mr McCabe, Mr Draper and Mr Peake attended the school for the day and covered basic punching an kicking drills along with some pattern demonstrations and a couple of games too.

We would like to thank Mr Williams of Ysgol Mynydd Bychan for inviting us to take part in the event and thanks to the staff and pupils who made the day run smoothly.  The children were very disciplined and courteous and are a credit to the staff.  We hope to see some of them attending our Taekwon-do and Kickboxing classes in the near future.

Summer Camp 2014

Application forms are now out for this year's summer camp, to be held 31st July-4th August in Weymouth.

It's your chance to meet up with our friends from Upton Martial Arts, Aspire Martial Arts, South Hams Martial Arts, South West Martial Arts, and perhaps some new clubs too.

Little Dragons, Taekwon-do and Kickboxing students are all welcome and their families.

Book before 31st May to receive a discount.


Monthly training

Once per month we will now hold a some additional sessions at Channel View:

9:30am - senior TKD (red belt and above, dobok required)

10:30am - sparring class (open to all, casual wear acceptable)

11:30am - senior Kickboxing (green belt and above, uniforms required)

There will be a fee of £6 per hour, £10 for two hours, £12 for three hours

Interclub Tournament Success

After a couple of days of snowy, icey weather, the Cardiff Martial Arts crew of Taekwon-do, Kickboxing and Little Dragons students made their way to Channel View Leisure Centre in Grangetown for a day of fun martial arts competition.  We also had students travel from Stoke Gifford near Bristol, Chippenham, Sherborne near Yeovil and South Devon to join us for the event.

Over 150 students took part in the events: Flying Kick, High Kick, Patterns, Sparring and Destruction.

One of the day's highlights was the 'Little Dragons' Drill - a short routine which the 4-6 year olds learn in their training.  Here's a video of them all doing it together!  Thaks for everyone's support!

As the year ends...

Well done for a great year of training in 2012.  Our last sessions of the year are on Tuesday 18th December and our first sessions back begin on Monday 7th January.

September is upon us

Hi folks. I hope you've had a great summer (I know it's not over quite yet!)

The ITF world championships were a great event as they always are and the UK team brought home 8 world champions. It was a great success!

September brings us a grading, a tournament and a camp.

Master Deedigans competition is on 16th September in Trowbridge, wiltshire and Spirit Camp is 21-23 September near Cornwall.

SPECIAL THANKS to Jon Draper, Sali Moore, Karen Harding, Dai Jenkins, Tim Banks for assisting in the running of Taekwon-do, Kickboxing and Little Dragons classes over the last few weeks!

10% sale!

At least 10% off all Cardiff Martial Arts kit, training aids etc. Order now!

June will be busy!

Lots of goings on at Cardiff Martial Arts in June.

We've got gradings during the week 9th-14th June; Little Dragons gradings occur during normal class times, but Taekwon-do and Kickboxing gradings will be held on Wednesday 13th June at Llanrumney High School.

Our JuJitsu seminar will be held on Saturday 23rd June - there are still spaces available.

For the whole of the month, we will be having a summer merchandise sale. At least 10% off on all kit, 15% off if you spend over £100.

We hope that June will be another fun month, with something for everyone.

Black Belt Promotions

After a 2 hour Taekwon-do seminar with Master Trevor Nicholls, 8th degree, two members of Cardiff Martial Arts tested for black belt degrees.

Jon Draper, our assistant instructor, performed well and was pleased with his performance. The grading panel agreed and Jon received his 2nd degree after a 3 hour test.

Ken Cabrera also did brilliantly, giving a solid performance showing all the skills he has learned over his 6 year training career. He received his 1st degree and is the 5th black belt student produced by this Taekwon-do school.

Congratulations to both of you - may your training continue to progress.

University Journalists scoop up the Kickboxing bug

Thursday 15th March saw a great kickboxing class in Channel View in Grangetown with a special visit from 2 post-graduate journalists from Cardiff University.

They have kindly written an article about us on the web:

Thanks gentlemen!

Spirit Camp Round-up

24th-26th February saw students from Cardiff Martial Arts attending Mr Wood's "Spirit Camp" near Torpoint in Cornwall.

Accommodation and location were perfect, being a Naval Training Base usually used by the armed services during the week. The venue was surrounded by sea on one side and forest on the other - it really was blissful.

We were lucky with the weather, as we had clear days and nights in which to train and push ourselves a little (including conditioning hand and foot parts on car tyres and training on a platform overlooking the sea).

The highlights were Kickboxing pad-drills and a miltary assault course - great fun, honest!

In the words of one attendee "it does exactly what it says on the tin - spirit has been enhanced!"

Black Belt Training

After nearly 7 years, I'm pleased to announce the beginning of a monthly class just for senior TKD grades; with the growth of our TKD school, it is only natural that such a class be offered to you.  It will be held on a saturday morning at Channel View Leisure Centre from 10am-11am.

It's open to red belts and above, to aid those students preparing for black belt tests, and to refine the technique of all high grade students. There will be no extra charge for this class.

January 14th, February 11th, March 31st, April 14th.

More dates will be added later in the year.

2012 awaits us...

Happy new year folks!

We hit the ground running this year as our 1st tournament will be on 21st January. You can expect lots of tournament based training for this.  In February the Welsh national championships is on and in March the Scottish championhips which will be attended this year by members from our school.

If you'd like to go to Scotland there will be a bus trip. More details soon. Happy training!

December's coming...

Not long now until the year runs out on us. That means in the next few weeks we've got a grading and a Christmas party to go to!

Firstly the grading will be Thursday 8th December in Llanrumney High - we've not had a Thursday grading in Llanrumney before, it's not our usual venue on that day so be aware of that please.

Friday 16th December is our annual bowling night at the Red Dragon Centre. Open to families, there are only 32 bowling places. £5 per head will book your place and a it'll be a further £5 on the night.

Channel View Leisure Centre is closing in December for some essential maintenance so we will be using the function room above the Wharf Pub on 13th and 15th December for classes, which will run at the usual times.

UKITF British Championships 2011

It was a fantastic weekend in Reading for over 600 competitors from all over the UK, from Spain, Italy, Ireland and Czech Republic.

The atmosphere was friendly and many of the Cardiff Martial Arts students and their families told me how the environment was superb with professional people and talented Taekwon-do students.

Here's a selection of photos, the full album will be on our FaceBook FanPage shortly.

Kevin McCabe flying knife hand strike Cardiff Martial Arts students British Championships 2011  UKITF Gold Medal 


Website Re-Launch

Welcome to the new look Cardiff Martial Arts website!

We hope you like the new look, especially with the great photos of our instructors and students actually in action during class time.  We've also got the social media feed at the top of the page, a great way to keep live, up to date info on the site.

Please follow us on Twitter @CardiffMA and 'like' our FaceBook fanpage We'll be keeping students and their families up to date through those social media sites.

YouTube site is coming soon too, where there will be training videos and syllabus help.

Finally, thanks to Spindogs for creating our new updated website! Great friends of mine from School and University who have a real flare for all things webby :-)